Primus Acoustic

Create a quieter environment

Sound reduction

Noise abatement

Vibration Control

Optimal noise control solutions

Design ,formulate , manufacture and installa3on and service of the highest quality acous3c insula3on products and systems to meet precise specifica3ons. Primus creates efficient thermal and acous3cal insula3on solu3ons to design energy efficient construc3ons, to provide safe comfort for users and to help protect the environment

Acoustic decorative finishes

Products to control noise reverbera3on within interior spaces

Acoustic thermal insulation

Acoustic thermal enhancement for buildings

Assure with everything from the initial estimate and the design stage , to technical implementation ,ensuring that in the end you have a successful acoustic solution for your project requirement .The fabric covered panel system combines excellence in acoustic properties with inspiration for design options with simple , appealing efficiency .