Featured Waterproofing Systems

Substructure damp proofing , waterproofing and concrete protection

Options :

DryBitumex R650 rubberized bituminous emulsion for damp proofing and concrete protection above the water table structures

DryFlex -Sheet membrane for basement waterproofing and protection for below the water table structures

Superstructure & Wet Area Waterproofing

DryTex series waterproofing system – Various polymers based liquid applied waterproofing product options available to suit the project specification requirements .

RC- Slab roof waterproofing and protection system

DryTex series waterproofing system – Various options with different polymers available to meet the project requirements , budget and warranty support . For Airport projects , ULTRAL EPDM roof waterproofing system and for Insulation and waterproofing combo requirements , Extreme Roof combo system are available .

Potable Water tank ( drinking water ) waterproofing system

VASTAFPW9400 elastomeric waterproofing for inside waterproofing of the tank to touch with drinking water ( NSF complied product ) .

Water feature & Pool waterproofing

DryTex series high build waterproofing products and Sealflex construction joint sealants provide an ever lasting water tight solution for swimming pool and water features

Planters area or Podium waterproofing

DryTex series anti root waterproofing system provide a trafficable and anti penetration of root protection and water proofing membrane suitable for different design requirements of the project .Podium deck waterproofing requires anti root and heavy traffic waterproofing system and DryTex CEMAR sustainable system meets all the challenging requirements to give seamless protection .

DryTex – Seamless elastomeric membrane features

  • Exceptional UV resistance and energy efficient
  • Ultimate polymer technology
  • Excellent flexibility at lower temperatures
  • Resistant to chemicals , alkaline and oil
  • Ultra Low VOC ,environmental safety and No-Flammable

Organix waterproofing system’s performance backed up by the most comprehensive testing , certification and given the quality and longevity of organix products including 10 to 25 years manufacturer backed warranty .

For the project requirements and assistance contact : support@organixbs.com